Ökoszorító is our series specifically for high school students, where students can try out technologies and explore dilemmas that help maintain the ecosystem and release our inner anxiety through programmes with well-known professional partners.

Not only do you have a big ecological footprint, but even eco shoes are tight?

In four sessions in this series, we’ll look at environmental challenges from different angles and show you practical ways to tackle them. The sessions will be:

But we also know exactly how difficult it is to be aware.

You don’t have the attention to be environmentally conscious every minute, yet the guilt hangs over the plastic bottle that accidentally ended up in the wrong bin. That’s why we’ve called in creators and public figures who care about environmental awareness and can speak from their own experience about how to really incorporate it, what’s possible, what’s difficult and what’s the minimum that needs to be done.

Those who joined us for the sessions:

Barna Turai influencer, creator of the Síkidegvagyok, presenter

Lil Frakk, rapper and host of the Sávlekötő show

Éva Papp, ex-Ricsárdgír member, one of the band’s female frontwomen, until its existence

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