Újbuda's creative technology knowledge center, located in Bercsényi street, is waiting for you!

Adaptér is a living, urban laboratory consisting of a workshop, a professional sound and video studio, a reception area with digital experience elements and a creative project space.

Have you ever wondered what kind of Earth we live in now and what it will be like in 10 years?

Have you ever wondered what kind of Earth we live in now and what it will be like in 10 years? Are you interested in how our present and future can be smarter, greener, and more economical? Climate crisis, environmental awareness, smart solutions, energy efficiency, circular economy, technological awareness… – if you also see the social situations and conditions around us as a task to be solved, are open to common thinking, and would not only talk about it, but also try it out, then Adaptér will be an important companion for you.

Adaptér is a repository of knowledge that prepares us for the challenges of the present and future. Based on our needs and interests, it inspires us to acquire new knowledge and skills, and provides up-to-date knowledge about human and machine technologies. With educational programs and joint workshops, it supports the creation of a balance between our individual responsibilities and opportunities, by mapping the relationship between the digital and analog worlds.

Adaptér was created so that you can learn new things, acquire future-proof skills, and create exciting things either in a community or alone.

The topics along which we think about the world around us

Visit Adaptér at
Bercsényi street 10.

and be inspired by the opportunities for you, learn from our trainings and programs, then create and inspire others to create through your work!

The team of Adaptér

Nikolett Antal

KözPont Kft. managing director – cultural director

Alexandra Petrik

Leader of  Adaptér

Marcsi Kriszt

technical manager,
program organizer

Emese Novák

leading assistant

Nóra Széplaki

PR, communications manager

Áron Lukács

business development manager

Vince Magács


Bence Bodó

program organizer

Noémi Szécsi

content creator

Dorottya Novák

branding, photographer

Experience elements in Adaptér

In Adaptér’s inspirational space, you can find art&tech experience elements using digital technologies. With the help of these, you can get closer to the world of Adaptér and be inspired to learn and create! In order to do this, the welcome experience elements were created from a set of knowledge that you can acquire and even apply in Adaptér!

Monolith Interactive LED Wall System

The system is a visual solution that allows you to draw on touch-controlled LED walls, apply typographic elements and display external content. During the interactive experience, you can even create a personalized set of visual content.

Generative Artwork Interactive Project

During the project, the audiovisual experience is constantly changing and generating unique artworks. The visual elements and sound effects appearing in the artwork are in harmony with each other, so you can enjoy a harmonious and at the same time continuously updated artistic experience.


With the help of the experience element, you can feel as if you can look into another world through a portal. The installation dynamically adjusts to your perspective and movement, ensuring an authentic perspective and 3D experience.

Újbuda Dataviz Application

Újbuda Dataviz is an interactive data visualization project that presents the topography and road network of Újbuda on a map projected onto a model. With the help of a physical interface, using potentiometers and buttons, you can change the displayed data and navigate between the different data layers. The application allows you to display real-time and historical data, so you can easily compare changes over time.

Showcase Installation

Pass by Adaptér’s storefront and be the inspiration of the experience element! The images recorded by our camera are processed using a slit-scan video effect, which results in a unique time representation. The installation thus provides visitors with a constantly changing, interesting and interactive art experience.

Pac-Man Installation

The Pac-Man Installation is an interactive experience in which you can control the famous Pac-Man figure in a modified version of the game by moving your own mouth. With the help of the camera, you can really get actively involved in the game through face detection and mouth movement detection.

Take a look in Adaptér!