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Address: 1111 Budapest Bercsényi utca 10.
Opening hours: The space opens one hour before Adaptér’s programs.

Address: 1111 Budapest Lágymányosi utca 5.

Adaptér is a living, urban laboratory. We know, this doesn’t help you understand. But the point is that we show methods and technologies through our programs that help us adapt to the actualities of the world. So in how to actively react to the events and processes around you.

The space opens one hour before Adaptér’s programs.

At Adaptér, you can take part in inspirational, educational and creative programs. Each of these serves to get you closer to one of the institution’s four major themes (human values of the future; social evolution; automation; ecology) and to learn new methods and technologies that can help you in everyday life. You can find more information about our current programs in our program directory.

In addition to Adaptér’s regular and periodic programs, you can permanently find our welcome experience installations, our Podcast studio and the equipped Adaptér Workshop.

The welcome experiences are digital installation works in Adaptér’s inspiration space, which can help you get closer to the world of Adaptér and inspire you to learn and create!

If you want to develop your own podcast or vodcast, you can do so in Adaptér’s studio. You can inquire about our rental and connection options at, and you can find more information in the Services menu.

If you have a program that fits the spirit of Adaptér and would like to bring it to us, you can inquire about room reservation options at, and you can find more information here.

If you have a program that you think fits into Adaptér’s program structure and you want to connect with us, feel free to contact us at

You will find the Adaptér Workshop in a separate building (1111 Budapest Lágymányosi utca 5), about 60 meters from  Adaptér (1111 Budapest Bercsényi utca 10.). The Adaptér Workshop is expected to open in December 2023 and will be available to interested parties.